copies of the original handmade version of don\'t forget to eat


jam has been writing and drawing for as long as they can remember. When they decided to pursue a degree in engineering, they thought all hope of maintaining their creativity was lost. Ironically, they channeled that frustration into what would become a popular online comic called Wasted Talent that ran for 11 years. Through the process of balancing a busy life, challenging career, growing online business and many struggles with mental health (primarily anxiety and depression), they learned many tricks along the way. Having serious issues with memory, they started collecting some of their hard-earned knowledge into little zines and books. These are now available for everyone to read and share.

About Jam

Jam in 2020 with their foster cat Kankuro


jam (b.1984) is a Canadian comicker best known for their webcomic Wasted Talent, an autobiographical comedy about their life as a Mechanical Engineer which ran from 2004 to 2016. It was collected in 5 books. Since completing the series, they have released a number of zines and short stories, contributed to anthologies and magazines, and are creating new fiction and nonfiction works aimed at enabling a solarpunk future. Their portfolio and works are collected here on