Don't Forget to Eat (2020)

A gentle guide for those who need reminders about healthy things to eat! don\'t forget to eat (original zine edition)
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This is not a "cook book"! It's not designed to teach you how to cook, or to provide complete instructions. (But if you need more detail, there are lots of recipes online.) These are drawings to help you remember easy, tasty things to eat! (yum!)
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When I'm feeling overwhelmed or sad, I often forget how to turn ingredients into meals. But even the smallest reminder can get me through a basic meal. (all food is good food ❤️) Healthy food is vital to get you through tough times! Use these zines as your insiration. You deserve healthy, delicious food!

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Self Care SOS (2018)

“Don’t Forget to Practice Self Care!” We hear this all the time... so often in fact that it took me awhile to realize “hey... I don’t actually know what ‘Self Care’ means. I guess I never... learned?” As someone who struggled with self-worth and always putting the needs of others ahead of my own, learning what self care is and how to practice it took many years. I thought I would pass along what I know in the hopes that it could help you, too! “Self care” as a concept actually has roots in the civil rights and women’s movements. In a way, it’s a radical act. Take care of yourself... you’re important, and you’re worth it. I love you. --jam
Self Care SOS original zine edition cover